Mayank Chadha


Bioinformatics major, problem-solving enthusiast, currently Product Manager at Maropost


I am a pursuer & practitioner of balance between empathy and logic. 

I have a background in marketing and product management for startups and small businesses, and I've enabled three companies to increase user acquisitions by 150-225% and double their revenues in under a year. I also have experience of running my own newspaper publication for two years.

I'm very passionate about building and managing products which solve day-to-day problems experienced by people. For this, I utilize my understanding of human behaviour, design, technology and business. I don't claim to "make the world a better place", but I'm determined to make a difference while living in it.

Please feel free to contact me for any business opportunity, or for a candid conversation about life over a steaming pot of green tea.





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