Mayank Chadha


Projects I've worked on.

MVP Experiment at Gymnut

Piecemeal MVP experiment to test user interest in a SaaS lead generation platform. Experiment increased user acquisition by 225% in three months and generated first revenue for the company.

Metrics Tracking & Reporting at Gymnut

Created custom metrics dashboards for tracking and reporting goals of the product and marketing teams.

Social Media Metrics at 91springboard

Created custom metrics to track and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns and activities.

Website Redesign for Swarajpeeth

Volunteered to manage the project for redesign of NGO's website, created and implemented a new content strategy, to increase donations by 25%.

Content Personalization at Srijan

Identified target user personas for official website and implemented Evergage for content personalization to improve signups by 25%.

Agile Processes Implementation at Gymnut

Managed a remote team of 5 engineers (two back-end, one front-end, one iOS and one Android) and implemented basic Agile processes to increase Average Sprint Velocity by 25% in one month.

Leads Management System at 91springboard

Researched extensively to find the right CRM for the organization, created a leads management system using the CRM and multiple software integrations.

Slack Implementation at 91springboard

Implemented Slack as company-wide team communication tool, with multiple software integrations to increase team productivity.

Sarus Product Management at Srijan

Managed development of Sarus - a continuous-scroll framework for online publishing, built using AngularJS.

Mixpanel Implementation at Gymnut

Implemented Mixpanel for web and native apps to track user acquisition, activation and retention, including writing JavaScript for Web App.

91springboard Website.png

Website Redesign at Srijan

Redesigned's front-end and implemented new content strategy to increase MQLs by 50% in two months (compared to last six months).

Content Publishing Workflow at Srijan

Created an online content publishing workflow to improve efficiency of content team, and reduced the turnaround time by 50%.


Research, Analysis & Strategy

Mobile App Launch Plan at Gymnut

Created a marketing plan for worldwide launch of iOS and Android apps. The plan included activities during pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases, with a focus on measuring specific metrics. 

Market Research - Chocolate Bars in Canada

Research on existing brands in the chocolate industry in Canada and creating a strategy & plan to introduce an new brand of chocolate in the market.

Use of Ethics in Personal Selling

Contributed to an ongoing research on ethical and legal responsibilities of sales managers in business-to-business setups.

Market Entry Strategy at BreqLabs

Created a market entry strategy for BreqLabs' flagship product Exoglove, in India. The research was focused around consumer segments, distribution channels, product benefits, competition & barriers to entry.

Market Research - Fast Casual Restaurants in Canada

In depth research and analysis of one of the fastest growing food segments in North America - fast casual dining, with a focus on few big brands in the industry.

Marketing Plan at 91springboard

Carried out an extensive market research, created a marketing strategy and plan to increase customer acquisitions and brand awareness in existing and new markets.

Research - Human Resource Management at Google

Research on how Google is aligning its HR decisions to support its business objectives, with a focus on three HR functions that the company has made strategic.



Web & Native App Design at Gymnut

Product Package Design for Biosense

Email Header Design at Srijan

Business Card Design for Biosense

Landing Page Design for Striation 6

Poster Design at 91springboard

Newsletter Design at The Eminence

iOS App Design for Mike Daramola

Banner Design at 91springboard

Business Card Design for Placement Cell