Mayank Chadha


Companies I've worked with.

Gymnut Logo

Product Manager

May 2016 - Jan 2017

About Gymnut:

Gymnut is an online marketplace for fitness professionals & enthusiasts and a lead generation SaaS platform for fitness professionals. Gymnut enables its users to create online stores to sell products and services and generate leads for these stores using their social profiles.

My Role:

  • Conducted piecemeal MVP experiment to test user interest in a SaaS lead generation platform. Experiment increased user acquisition by 225% in three months (compared to last three years) and generated first revenue for the company.

  • Managed a remote team of 5 engineers (two back-end, one front-end, one iOS and one Android) and implemented basic Agile processes to increase Average Sprint Velocity by 25% in one month.

  • Implemented Mixpanel for Web, iOS and Android Apps to track user acquisition and activation funnels, including writing JavaScript for Web App.

  • Created custom metrics dashboards for tracking and reporting goals of the product and marketing teams.

Other Work:

  • Responsible for selling enterprise tier of the SaaS model to gyms and personal trainers in Toronto and managed 5 enterprise client relationships and other account-related activities.

  • Designed new features of the web and native apps, and landing pages for user acquisitions. View designs.


"Working with Mayank was a highlight of my time at Gymnut. His work as a product manager was one of the most necessary parts of the company. I would have been lost without his management. He's an incredibly versatile worker with a diverse skill set and understands all levels of a start-up business back to front. Mayank would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have him, and he's an overall great guy, too!"Kristopher R. K. Ohlendorf (Media Manager)

"I am glad to work with Mayank as it gave me an opportunity to learn new things from him. Mayank is one of the most driven individuals that I have ever met. He is strategic in how he sets up his work days and quickly identifies activities that will help drive the most results for the business. He'll be an asset to any team he becomes a part of and it's been a pleasure learning from him."Manideep Reddy Gade (Business Developer)

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Eventology Logo

Sales Team Lead

Nov 2015 - April 2016

About Eventology:

Eventology Marketing is an experiential marketing company that focuses on brand promotion and customer acquisition by designing and organising events and trade shows. Their clients include Canadian Tire, Rogers Bank, CIBC and Schweppes.

My Role:

  • Joined as a Marketing Representative and got promoted to Marketing Lead in two months.

  • Managed a team of 5-10 people in 20 events across Ontario for promoting and selling products for Rogers Bank and CIBC, with a combined acquisition of 3000 users for all clients.

91springboard Logo

Senior Marketing Executive

May 2015 - Nov 2015

About 91springboard:

91springboard is a coworking community and startup incubator based in India. It provides coworking space to freelancers, startups and remote enterprise teams. 91springboard supports over 1000 startups from its 12 offices in India. 

My Role:

  • First hire in the marketing team, carried out an extensive market research, created a marketing strategy and plan to increase customer acquisitions and brand awareness in existing and new markets.

  • Executed multiple marketing campaigns with a team of two people and increased MQLs by 200% in four months (compared to last six months).

  • Researched extensively to find the right CRM for the organization, created a leads management system using the CRM and multiple software integrations.

  • Implemented Slack as company-wide team communication tool, with multiple software integrations to increase team productivity.

Other Work:

  • Designed the format and executed the first 'Hard Hat' themed new office launch party.

  • Designed marketing and office content for various purposes. View designs.

  • Managed procurement and shipment of foosball tables from Toronto, for new office setups in India.


"Mayank takes ownership and thinks through the details. He doesn't superficially solve a problem. If he doesn't understand something he digs deeper and asks around until he learns enough. Though he is still young and has much to learn, his approach will keep him in good stead."Varun Chawla (CEO)

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Srijan Logo

Product Manager

Aug 2013 - March 2015

About Srijan:

Srijan is a web development and consulting agency specialising in product development using Agile methodologies. The company uses Drupal, RoR and JavaScript for product development. Clients include Conde Nast, The World Bank, Ford Foundation and TheRecordXchange.

My Role:

  • Managed a remote team of 3 engineers (two back-end, one front-end) for continuous development and support of (company's official website).

  • Redesigned's front-end, created content strategy and implemented content personalization to increase MQLs by 50% in two months (compared to last six months).

  • Created an online content publishing workflow to improve efficiency of content team, and reduced the turnaround time by 50%.

  • Defined requirements and tracked progress of Sarus - a continuous-scroll framework for online publishing. View on GitHub.

Marketing Executive

Aug 2013 - March 2015

My Role:

  • Executed multiple marketing campaigns with a team of two people and and created an automated lead generation process, and transfer to sales. Overall efforts increased the MQLs by 150% and revenue by 200% in 1 year.

  • Identified target user personas for official website and implemented Evergage for content personalization to improve signups by 25%.

  • Head organiser of Drupal Camp Delhi 2013 (350 attendees) and Drupal Camp Delhi 2015 (600 attendees), technology conferences organised by the Drupal community in India. Efforts led to the first ever DrupalCon Asia 2016 in India.

Additional Work:

  • Managed the setup of US subsidiary of Srijan - Srijan Technologies LLC.

  • Designed a time-logging process for delivery team and an invoicing process for accounts team. View project details.

IBM Logo

Application Developer

June 2012 - July 2013

About IBM GBS:

IBM Global Business Services (GBS) is the professional services arm of IBM Global Services (one of the world's largest business and technology services providers), and works on management and strategy consulting, systems integration and application management services.

My Role:

  • Worked with the Point of Sales (PoS) team, with over 80 members in 3 countries (US, India & Philippines) for the client Express Scripts Inc (ESI), a Pharmacy Benefit Management firm in the U.S. The project was a part of Medco's acquisition by Express Scripts in 2012, and specifically focused on migrating legacy code base to new ESI systems.

  • Learned COBOL and JCL programming languages, VSAM operating system, DB2 DBMS and CICS (Customer Information Control System) on the job.

The Eminence.jpg

Cofounder/Chief Editor

May 2010 - May 2012

About The Eminence:

The Eminence is an inter-college/university newsletter printed and circulated in the city of Bhopal, India. It aims to unify the youth in Bhopal and provide them a platform to express their views in the student community. The newsletter has a circulation of 3,000-4,000 copies per edition, published once every two months.

My Role:

  • Member of the founding team, worked as an English Editor for 4 editions, and then became the Chief Editor for the next 5 editions. Also worked as an interim designer whenever required. View designs.

  • Responsible for building strategic partnerships with local businesses relevant to students in the city, to generate funds for running the business.

  • Managed a team of 5-8 people for running the publication.


"Mayank is a very hardworking, dedicated and a very responsible person. Perfection is his key, and willingness to take responsibilities is what I adore about him. He also has a very good managerial skill, for the reason he was nominated the lead of the Eminence Team." - Anant Khaitan (Founder)

"Mayank brings with him a bag of vibrant ideas that, on most days, fill most of the blanks that are stalling the progress of any project from the design and content perspective. His creativity in each and every endeavor that he is a part of, not only helps the team scale up any pilot but also strategize the next level thinking that needs to go into factoring the dynamics of the project." - Tushar Johri (Editor)

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